Saab 9-3


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i was watchin ABC extreme home make over and there was a saab commercial on. the music in the back ground had very few lyrics that i cant remember. i was wondering if anyone knows the name to that song in the back ground. it was a saab commercial for the new 2006 9-3
thnx in advance.
Was it that "Born from Jets" commercial? In that one, they used "Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold, track 1. ()
You can also find a Korean remix of this song on the awesome "Collateral" soundtrack, which I think is one of the better soundtracks to be released in a long time.
The commercial about saab cars and how they are born from jets, the song is not new and ive heard it alot but dont know the name, maybe you know?
the add starts with planes fliing over head and it says that the enginers were plane builders and then the car drives and there is a lot of dust behind it .
please help thank you