2010 Saab 9-3X "Perspective"


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Does anyone know the song playing in the new Saab 9-3 convertible commercial. It was a softer song and the ad starts with a pine comb that said fuel on it or something like that I think. I can't find a clip of the commercial either.
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Need help

I need some help trying to find this song in a car commercial. The commercial is pretty recent I think; maybe out for a month now. The commercial goes like this; it starts off like a POV of a guy. He goes and sits on his desk with some a little stack of blank papers on it. Then, a drawing of the world appears on the blank paper. He does a motion to zoom in on the earth. Then a road appears with a word. He then folds the paper into a paper airplane. Lastly, it ends with a shot of the car.
A woman is singing the song.

Hope this was enough details. Thank you.
it's by Asha Ali and it's called The time is now.

Here is a link to the song
I love it too!