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The songs on the Roswell television episodes have been completely reworked on the DVD episodes, which sadly leaves everyone without a solid track listing. I was wondering if anyone else had bought these DVDs and knew the title of a particular song on the episode Sexual Healing: the one played at the beginning of the episode, when Max and Liz are making out in the back of the Crashdown. Anybody know the song, or the artist?
Nah, those are the original ones--the ones that aired on the television episodes. When the episodes were put on DVD, though, a lot of the songs had to be replaced for licensing reasons. I'm looking for the song that replaced Marcy Playground's "Sex and Candy"--I think some of the lyrics to the new song are something like "spend some time on spending time with you." Thanks anyway, though, givemfitz. :)
im looking for 2 songs that appeares on the episodes "crash" and "four aliens and a baby" from the series "Rosewell" . they appeares in the last few minuts of each episode. please help me find their names ASAP.
In an old episode of the WB show Roswell, there is a dance song playing in the opening scene of the episode. There is some kind of party happening in a bar where it is just the few of them. There is a shot of the three white girls dancing, one in the foreground and then the two on the sides. They are dancing to an upbeat dance song with lyrics sung by a female. At the end of the episode it said that music from this show included Rockell, im not sure though. Anyone have any clues to what im talking about?
hey, i was wondering if any one could name this song for me coz i really like it and i cant seem to find it anywhere, it from roswell season 3, last but one or last but 2 episode, its when jesse and isabelle are standing watching a car being crushed which has the dead FBI agent in the drunk and theres a song playing in the background. its a male singing anf heres a few lines from the song -

"she says, i feel like i'm falling to pieces, just like before, i knew it, now i can see see right through it again, is this how you want it to be"

Please can some one tell me the name of the song and the band. thanks!! x
its from the dvd, thnaks for the address, im hoping one of the songs are from the list im just guna try all of them from that episode n hope for the rest!! lol x
hey i just found out the name of the episode the song is off, it off "who died and made you king?" its the song right at the end before the credits and its only on for about a minute, its on the dvd of the season if this helps any more!!

please if you know this song or have any ways of me finding this song, please help, im so deserate! and thanks to da dude who gave me the addy but they didnt have the song listed! :(

Okay.. i already know the name of the song (Silence) and who it's by (Dan Rowe/Poloroid), but i can't find a music file of it, any help would be apprecaited
sorry i guess i should point out that its from the 2nd season of roswell, on the episode 'Cry Your Name' on the DVD version only, if that helps at all...
What is the song in the dream scene, when jesse proposes (sp... too lazy)

Episode is "Significant Others"

This is my first post ever! I am excited. I am really into the show Roswell and I have seen the unaired pilot. The opening song which only plays for maybe five seconds is "That Says It All" by Dunkan Shiek. I really want to know what song replaced Eagle Eye Cherry's "Save Tonight" on the DVD. Its bugging me because the song is so catchy. PLEASE HELP!
Thanks in advance!
Thanks, but I can't find the song anywhere. Do they have an album out? All I find is Starfly 59.