Rose Red


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In Stephen King's "Rose Red" what song is played from the flower in the conservatory, and I also think they are dancing to it the night that they order a pizza to come the house.

It is a piece that is jazzy, possibly from the years 1900-1930??? That is a guess.

Any help is appreciated!

Have you checked the songlist they have over at IMDb yet? They only have four songs listed so it should be easy to find which one you're looking for.
maybe someone can help me i have been trying to try to find the rose red movie soundtrack every where i have looked online all i can find is 3 tracks on youtube is there anywhere i can get the full soundtrack ive even tryed limewire but nothing comes up i even tryed to see if had it but they dont. I know that its out there because i red on a website that there is a rose red soundtrack. If anyone knows where or how I can get the full soundtrack please let me know!
Thanks alot!