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U are just the person I want to talk to. On last week 'The Road To Stardom' show (aired on 2/9/05), there was a slow song playing during the scene when one of the contestant was confessing their feeling about rapping against her close friend; she was crying.... She was saying something like, uh...,"I will drop out and let my friend win cause I don't want to battle my friend. we are close...yada yada yada..."-she said something like that... Anywho, it was the scene where two close friends had to battle each other....

If that wasn't any help, then maybe you can list all of songs played in last week show. I thank you sincerely for any help you can give me... B)
I split your question off from the previous thread on My Sweet 16 that you posted this question in. Please do not post questions in unrelated threads.
Hello again...

I believe I was wrong about when the music was played... The correction is as follows: Before the beginning of this week show (episode 8), they recap the major events that happen in episode 7... during this recaption period is when I heard the music I like. The nerrator said something like..."In Las Vegas, the remaining challengers' friendships and feelings were pushed to the limit after being asked to turn on each other during an emotional "musical chairs"-style road challenge. Given an hour to judge each other, the vocalists took turns freestyling while cruising the city's famous strip, but when the limo stopped, the group had to kick one of their own to the curb. After teaming up to dismiss Eddie, Akil and the others, a tearful Deltrice conceded the challenge to her friend Jessica."

Remember, the music that was playing, while the narrator was speaking, was slow jam and started of as a instrumental...

I have also been looking for this song. Please help.....!!
Thanks Kari...

Do you the song title? this group have several cds available....

thanks for everything...
LOL... I read your last reply that had the word *bump* and I thought that you were telling me that Bump is the name of the group who sings that song I heard on the show... So I went to and found several CDs made by the band named Bump... Thus, I replied to your posting requesting the song title... In short, I misunderstood you posting....My bad or isn't 'my bag' (by the way, do people still say that, "my bad")? Anywho...we are back to square one...searching for the song title or group... I hope this clear things up, or did I just confuse you?

Peace out,
Ahahaha! That is too funny....lmao. I was all excited when I thought u knew..
I guess nobody knows this one..