QAF 06/14/2004 - Canada


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Hi. I'm brand spanking new to this site and this is my first post. I was wondering if someone could be so kind as to direct me to a song on QAF last night on the closing credits.
The lyrics were something close to:
Stuck in the Middle
Why won't you take me away
Can't see your love
Don't know your love....
after that my pen died.
Thanks for any help.
what was the episode name, or what happened during the show? opened with Brian having a dream that Vic was zapping his crotch with a lazer. He then woke up and we find out that it was his radiation treatment. In the end (after throwing out Justin in the previous show) he takes Justin's help and goes to bed while Justin brings in some soup for him.
Also Mike and Melanie go to lamaz (pardon the spelling) class. Ben's book gets rejected for the 25th time and Mike buys him a computer that remains unused. Mike's mom, Debbie, finally asks the detective out only to find outh that the detective is dating another woman. And Emmett, he confronts a football player and at the end ends up under him.
Was this of any help??? :)
Yes, that helps! :) I think, from what I can tell the episode is 409, or the 9th from season 4. Most of the fan sites I've looked through don't have info up yet for this episode, since it just aired yesterday... May be a few days before we see any updated info.
hi, i'm new to this site too, i was wondering, if you do find out the name of the song, could you please let me know?
thank you
Thanks Michelle. :)
I'll look through the fan sites as well and see if I can dig anything up.
After some looking (in a QAF group) I found out that the song name is "I Walk The Earth" by "King Biscuit Time".