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Anyone seen this new commercial promoting Rickards Beer? It starts off with this guy approaching the bar asking for a Rickards. Then, as the bartender pours the beer, a choir begins to sing softly and deeply in the background. As the guy turns around to see what's going on, these people in the bar is dressed in these red robes (kinda in a cult-esque style) and they're singing about the beer. Then, the choir reaches a cresendo and everyone in the bar is dressed in red robes and singing as a choir! As the commercial ends, the guy is surrounded by the choir as the choir ends the song... he's obviously uncomformatble (with comedic results) and the logo appears in the lower left corner: "Rickards: A Pint of Glory".

I know that the song that the choir sings is based on a really famous song by a classical composer. I think the original lyrics were in German, but for the purpose of the commercial, they changed it to English. The song has a really "dooms-day-like" tone.

Can anyone please help me? Thanks!
Great tune, it is called "Carmina Burana" and is by the composer Carl Orff. It was writtenin 1937 and has been widely used in a number of media related endevours.
Hope this helps
Ive watched this cursid commercial so many times that you would figure i would know the name of the song. but i dont so im asking if anyone knows the name of it. its the one with the guy being followed by the choir people singing that really cool song
If we are thinking of the same commercial the tune is "O Fortuna" by Carl ORFF from an opera maybe? Used alot in movies the past few years
ooops looks like in another post "icecreamguy" states:

Great tune, it is called "Carmina Burana" and is by the composer Carl Orff. It was writtenin 1937 and has been widely used in a number of media related endevours.
Hope this helps

So I may be wrong, sorry
Yes, ORFF is carl Orff my apologies for not including the complete title, "Carmina Burana (O Fortuna) By carl ORFF.
I jsut want to distinguish that Carl Orff performed this, but it was written in the 13th century or earlier, and is a part of a collection of poems and songs, which was later titled "Carmina Burana" in the 1800s. The part heard in the commercial is the opening, and is the most well known portion, called O Fortuna.
Excellent point. O Fortuna is probably the best known part of that in todays modern times. I can remember Ozzy Osbourne using that for his opening music before hitting the stage
Rickards Red Song

Its the commercial where he goes into the bar and sits right by the tap, the bar tender places the beer infront of him and then the volcal group starts singing it. It sounds like an epic song. The people singing are wearing red robes.
ahh! i've been looking for the same thing for 2 days. I CANNOT get that song out of my head!!

The most annoying part is that it has been used in movies, tv and other ads extensively.
I wondered about this too, but a few minutes of Googling solved it. It's "O Fortuna" from Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana". It's actualy a modern piece, based on 13th century poems and first performed in 1937 in, of all places, Nazi Germany.
Id Like To Know What Type Of Music Was Used In The Rickards Red Commerial Were They Were All in Red Robes Looking Cultish And Singing About Beer.
The first thing that popped into my mind when I read your question ...

I remember seeing a beer ad on a TBS special show "The World's Funniest Commercials 2005" hosted by Kevin Nealon ...

Can't remember whose beer though ...

In this ad, there was this huge field/meadow and hundreds of guys dressed in monk-like robes running to and fro and singing very dramatically ...

At first, we're seeing ground-level shots of the robed guys ... groups in red, groups in yellow, etc ...

Eventually, the camera pulls back to an overhead shot ... little by little the guys are shown to be making a formation (much like a marching band would) ... the formation being a human opening up its mouth, a bottle of beer being poured in, and the beer going down to its stomach ...

Does this sound like the ad you're talking about?

If so, then if I remember it correctly ...

It was an altered-lyrics version of Carl Orff's - "O Fortuna"

Right or wrong ...
There you go.
Yeah there was a beer commercial.. damn I usually get all these songs, but not this one. Yeah i think it was for alexander keiths.. not sure.. but it sounded kinda like something I heard in star wars or something like that. It's got a choir all dressed in robes singing something about how it tastes good and stuff.. haha:lol: well thats all the info I can give.. I'm not even sure if I catch that commercial no more

It was for richards red and the song is O fortuna in the first commercial, i duno bout the more recent one
Is this the second movement of mozart's requiem? Can some please tell me the name of this song, I'm not quite sure.
I could be WAY off here, I could be totally thinking about a different beer ad, so ...

I recall seeing a beer ad where guys dressed in different-colored monk robes ran across a field singing a take-off on a well-known song and assembled to form what looked like a guy opening his mouth and pouring into it a bottle of whosever beer it was and the beer going down his gullet into his stomach ...

OK, if this is the correct beer company and perhaps if they've been using the same music for other ads (I wouldn't know) ...

Perhaps ...

Carl Orff - "O Fortuna" ???

I dunno ...
Right or wrong ...
There you go.