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"Sultan" wrote on this forum about a music called "redrum" by Immediate Music, I can hear it but it's a low-quality version and I believe it exists a better version of this masterpiece!
Does some of you know more about this?
How can I find it? Where?

Thank you a lot!!!
Where did you get your copy from? I can't help you with an mp3 link, but the one on Immediate Music actually isn't that bad quality (in my opinion).

I do look forward to anyone who can help us find either a web page with an mp3 link, or a better quality streaming music!

Do they sell this on an Album somewhere? .....any chance on a link?......
The quality of the versione I got is 32 kb/s... it is really a poor quality version in my opinion... if some of you have got a better version please contact me!
Okay, but I need THE NAME OR THE SOURCE of this music... I need to find it, and I believe it is not impossible... we found Lacrimosa, why can't we find Redrum?

If anyone of you can give me any information about this, please tell me, and thanks to you for this forum! It has really helped me!!

Febi Furx
Any Lacrimosa you found is NOT the real one, as Immediate Music (The company that wrote it) chose NOT to release it to the general public. The only way to listen to it legally is on the site. There is NO album available to the public with that song on it. If you are asking for assistance with illegal file sharing programs, we are not allowed to discuss that.
I'm really apologized... i didn't believe it is illegal, so I beg your pardon...

I'm only sad because it's terrible not to found the masterpieces of immediate music... there are really fantastic. I hope will come a day when we will be able to listen the Immediate Music production...

Febi Furx

What about asking help to immdiate music? :D
If anyone is interested, i've got Redrum and Redrum 2.0 in 192 kb/s, pretty good quality and some other Immediate Music songs. It's against the rules to post mp3 links and saying where i got them, so PM or so and i figure a way to get them to ya. ;)