Rat Race


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I didn't necessarily know where to put this, TV or film, but I chose film because it seemed better. :)

The TV commercial of Sony VAIO (at least, I believe that's what it is, where the letters come out of the sony logo and the voice-over says qualities of sony and good stuff like that) has music. Sounds sort of jazzed-up, perhaps. It has a main theme, I believe (this is ridiculous, but here goes) doo, doo doo doo doo doo-doo doo (which repeats). This version has drums, which makes me believe it's either a remix or later in the song (if there is one).

This theme in the sony commercial sounds vaguely similar to the beginning of the Rat Race trailer (when Seth Green puts down the glass on the floor and explains it to his brother. This the music cue just before "Viva Las Vegas" comes on. The trailer can be found here.

Good luck, please help!

P.S. - thanx a lot to those who helped on "Dodgeball". You got me looking in the right direction!! :) Thanks again!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
The bass part, right? I didn't find any matches for the music. It reminds me of a lot of Oceans 11 or something.
yeah, it's the bass part.

i'll keep looking - keep your eyes peeled :)