I need help IDing a couple songs...


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Ok, I need help identifying two songs that are driving me crazy.

The first is kinda in the style of a tango, and is new (probably 1998-2001ish) and is a woman who sings something along the lines of "you know, you make, me cra-a-zy" and at the end of the verse says something along the lines of "It's just another (and a word that is one syllable that I couldn't descern)" I saw the music video for this somewhere, and if I remember right it was with a bunch of people dancing together a line dance, or a tango, and it was all done in a sepia tint. It was a fairly popular song, if I remember right.

The other song is a little more of a stretch. It's kindof a pop electronic dance piece, with some words, none of which I know. I know if I sang it, you'd recognize it, but typing the sounds is kindof a difficult sense to convey. the best i can do is this:

the main theme is a long the lines of:

wahwahwahwah wahwahwahwah doodoo de doo doo doo doo, doo de doo doo doo doo doo doo

where, the intonation follows as such (with groups of sounds on the same note) wahwahwahwah (step up) wahwahwahwah (step up) wahwahwahwah (step up) doodoo (up) de (down) doo (step down in thirds) doo doo doo doo, (step up high) doo (step up) de (down) doo (step down in thirds) doo doo doo doo.

God, that probably made no sense.

But please try to help me if you can none the less.

Hmm.. the only song I can think of for the second one you asked about is "George Kranz- din da da"
the first song you described reminded me of Objection by Shakira.. but that's probably a long shot.