late 80's song



This song is mostly instrumental with chants for vocals. It's starts out with male vocal, almost reggae-ish. There are caribbean/reggae tinged chants throughout.

Intro (vocals only): doo dah-dah, doe-doe-doe
doo dah-dah, doe-doe
(pause) I ain't talk, I ain't talk.....I..I...I...I ain't talk
Then it picks up to a mid paced electronic/synthesizer beat with male vocals chanting:
dome-dome-dome day-ee-oh

The last 30 seconds end with rapid, shouting male vocals:

I think I've also heard it in a late 80's movie but I'm not sure.

I'm not sure about the " I aint talk" lyric but the rest of the lyrics remind me of George Kranz's Din Da Da especially the rah-tah-tah at the end.
Hope this helped.

It sure does! It popped back into my head while reading someone else's post.
Thanks for reminding me about that song. I just asked my bf two weeks ago if he knew what it was (he was a dj) and he said he didn't. I had given up hope of knowing who it was or how to find it. Also the movie it was played in was Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo.. :lol: