Reaction to finding your song

When you finally find the song you want, how do you celebrate?

  • Scream "YES!"

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  • Do a little victory dance

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  • Bust some air guitar/drums to the song

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  • All of the above

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The Lost Boy

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Sometimes I get excited when I can finally play the song I have looked for, whenever I want. My reactions always involve me acting like a dork. I wanted to make sure I'm not the only one.
Interesting poll...
I used to be all excited and dance and brag to everyone that i found a song, but now i'm just kinda like "oh yay i found it"

I guess it's just because adtunes makes it a whole lot easier to find what i'm lookin for so i dont get as excited as i used to. ^_^
That's true...but if I find that Driver song after 3 years, I will dance and scream and jump around for damn sure.
All I do is mentally cross it out of my list of too many songs I don't know but want to find.