WTF? I stay up to watch Chapelle and I'm by myself on here. <_<
Yeah Stephanie did. Chicks can pretty much get away with that stuff where I'm concerned. ;)
Yeahhhhhh yeah it's just not cute when a guy does it. :huh: :p
O.K. I feel like an old man...

I cannot, in any way shape or form keep pace with you all. So I'm bowing out. I'm now responsible for our two most important markets on the most important shift for them, so I have to work all night instead of meandering through the forums.

But, on this topic heading I just wanted to say.

I am quite white bread. 50% English, 25% French Canadian, 25% Lithuanian. Additionally, my family has a Mayflower connection and my anscestors were the central figures of the Salem witch trials.

That is all. I'll be around, just not nearly as much as I had been.

And them sneakers with the built-in wheels.