Well it starts anytime I want it to here in the dascoot residence.. thanks to DVR by Brighthouse Networks!! Now YOU can pause, rewind and fast forward LIVE TELEVISION and record your programs to watch ON YOUR TIME!!
Woman.. I was just gonna say we need to find you an avatar.. and you went and added one.
Telepathy abounds.
LMAO, haha thats funny....i know, i was wondering why the hell I didnt have first i had no clue how to get i do...but they didnt have many cool ones to choose i got that little artsy chicky cuz im kinda artsy....oh well, maybe down the road, i'll find a cooler one. :p
I know. :(
You know, up until just a few months ago, I thought he died from AIDS. Everyone thought he was gay (which of course there's nothing wrong with) and that he had AIDS.. I wonder why people made that up?
Hmmm, yeah thats odd.....i dont know much about him....but id watch him on tv once in awhile....he seemed like such a nice guy....and he was an amazing artist....he made it look so easy.