Range Rover Supercharged "Timeless"


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Hello, does anyone recognize the music from the new Land Rover commercial? It was played during the CSI on 5/19, and it shows a camera rotating around a Land Rover while the background changes. Any ideas?
No....it was the Land Rover LR3.

I know the difference between a Land Rover and a Hummer. =P
yeah, it's the Timeless one that sophist supplied the link to.

Hehe and it's cool ad-rock, i know you were just trying to help. Didn't mean to sound snappy in my reply. I was wrong too tho. It's the supercharged model, not the LR3 ;-)
Yeah, it's the ad for the new supercharged Range Rover. The camera is rotating around it and the background is doing a very fast time lapse. At the end of the day when it turns dark the interior light of the range rover turns on. I believe the text "Timeless" appears then.

It starts out with three four rotating piano chords, then a happyish break comes in as it blends together.

I'd really like to know where this one came from.
I concur. I would really like to know the name of this tune. Has anyone found anything?
Thanks sophist. B) Does anyone know if the mix in the commercial is actually on that single? The track selections on Amazon can drive one insane at times. :blink:
That's an awesome commercial.

The music in the commercial sounds similar to Time of Our Lives (great song BTW), but I don't think it was actually taken from the song. At the very least it sounds like a watered down mix.
I do have to add that it seems that just the melody and chord progression was choosen from the song and it seems made on its own.
Does anyone know the tune to the new Range Rover Supercharged "Timeless" commercial? It's a pretty catchy tune which really makes the commercial very good along with the actual commercial.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. It would be disappointing for me if it was a small tune made just for the commercial.

BTW I love this commercial, one of the best I've seen in a while. I can't stop playing it! lol (doesn't help that the Range Rover is also my dream vehicle)
Whoever made the tune should expand on it if it was specially made for the 'mercial, I'm sure it would be a pretty decently popular hit.