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    2014 Range Rover Evoque "The Scent"

    Anyone know what song is in the Land Rover Evoque commercial entitled "the scent"? There were some answers online that sounded definitive, but after listening to the songs, they seemed incorrect. It's particularly the last 10 seconds of the ad that sounds unique. Any ideas?
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    2013 Ranger Rover Evoque

    Title please?
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    2010 Land Rover LR4

    Song? Artist? Title? Thanks.
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    2010 Range Rover Vogue Music

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the music that is being played to this advert - any ideas? Linky: Many thanks in advance
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    2010 Land Rover Discovery 4

    It's a funky, rockin' guitar riff piece. Can't find it anywhere. Any clues?
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    Land Rover LR3

    does any1 know that song used in the landrover LR3 commercial where they advertise the car navigating the airplane to Nice, france, the commercial had an instrumental, sorry i dunno wat type of genre it is...THE HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED DEARLY
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    land rover lr3

    What's the song on the commercial with the sled dogs and the eskimo?
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    Range Rover Supercharged "Timeless"

    Hello, does anyone recognize the music from the new Land Rover commercial? It was played during the CSI on 5/19, and it shows a camera rotating around a Land Rover while the background changes. Any ideas?
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    Land Rover

    hi, been searching for this song for about a week with no luck. The ad is where this bloke is driving and is stopped by the police and taken over to this fenced off area, then out of the darkness comes this tiger. then the end of the ad is just a policeman with a flashlight looking over the...
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    Land Rover LR3

    i have searched the message boards and cant find anything posted yet... does anyone know the song for the (i believe its new, ive never seen it before) land rover commercial; the only lyrics i can make out are the words 'time travel'... thanks a lot
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    Land Rover

    What is the song from the Land Rover commercial? Thanks, Staples