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i have searched the message boards and cant find anything posted yet... does anyone know the song for the (i believe its new, ive never seen it before) land rover commercial; the only lyrics i can make out are the words 'time travel'...
thanks a lot
Are you referring to a UK ad?

If so, it's probably 'Have Love, Will Travel'. The version in the commercial is performed by THE SONICS.

Listen to a sample here (Track #6).

View the commercial here.
watching the dallas special, i saw a commercial for land rover. it features an old heavy rock tune. has anyone any clue?
This is for the new Discovery.

Artist : The Sonics
Title : Have Love, Will Travel
From : Album "Here Are The Sonics!!!" (1965)
Label : Norton

The same song is also used in a US Land Rover ad -- haven't seen it so I don't know if it's the same exact ad as the UK version -- but it's the same song. :) (Thanks to Dan in Seattle for letting me know.)

As Sophist previously pointed out, the song can be found on the Sonics album "Here Are the Sonics." Audio sample, track 6.
:eek: It's actually the same song but the band is The Black Keys. They're covering the Sonics version.

Black Keys: Have love will travel
Like I said, I haven't seen the ad so I don't know which version is in the US ad ... But you can listen to an audio sample of the Black Keys version of the song here, track 5.
there is a land rover driving across a desert

and then stops before driving off the edge of the earth

song goes something like "i gotta travel"
"Have love, will travel" by the Black Keys (originally by the Sonics).

It's always a good idea to search the forums beore asking though.
Having just listened to the ad & the 2 versions of the song, I agree w/Sophist & would say the original 1965 Sonics version is the 1 used in the ad. This would mesh w/Land Rover's target demographic, wealthy Baby Boomers. Although I'm not a Boomer, I favor the original as WAY better ;) because of its authentic Pacific NW garage band vibe.
Just for complete clarity to help future searchers the ad is for the new LR3,known as Discovery3 in the UK.
I just saw a second version of the comercial, I assume the first version (with the cliff at the end) is from the UK from the film style and the city environments. The second version features a landrover driving down roads and spliting into multiple vehicles as it reaches forks in the road.

The music is exactly the same, the only difference is the pause in "have love......... will travel" at the very end of the commercial, is much shorter now.
The sound track on the Land Rover Commercial is the SONIC'S. After listening to that tune for 40 years I can say without a doubt, it can only be the SONICS. The Black Key's version is not even close, only Gerry Roslie can scream like that and only Larry Parypa can play that gut wrenching guitar. Where do you think a young James Marshall Hendrix's learned to play it rough ? It sure as hell wasn't from the Black Keys. If you have never heard the SONICS before I would suggest that you pick up their early stuff. It's better to be forty years late than to miss out all together on their sound. You can read more about them at Sonics History
hi, anyone know the name of the song playing to the new land rover commercial? shows a guy driving in the land rover, and a really cool tune something like "Im in love"... oh baby I'm in love... sounds to me like an oldie tune, familiar but nnone seems to know? I believe its 2005 land rover
Has anyone seen the current commercial for the Land Rover LR3? The music starts off with just a bluesy sounding guitar lick and then breaks into a guy singing in a gritty soulful voice "Waoooow!...I'm in love...whoa baby I'm... ?" I can't tell what he says after that. I'd like to know the name of that artist.
Anyone have any idea?
Thanks. :peace:
Anyone know who does that great, 60s-sounding garage rock song for the new Landrover LR3 ad? Would be most grateful ifyou could point me in the right direction...
'Have Love, Will Travel'. The version in the commercial is performed by THE SONICS.

I searched at the bottom of the page with "Land Rover" and found tons of answers!! This site RULES. Check one of them for links to listen, etc.

Hey... I am looking for the song that was played in the most recent Land Rover Commercia, which was the Land Rover L3 ad this year (2005) just clarifying. It sounded like a classic rock song. I dont have lyrics but I would assume its something by Black Sabbath or Deep Purple. Please help me find the name of this song. Greatly Appreciated