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How exactly can you get 4 or 5 stars? I've been stuck with these 3 stars, doesn't matter but still, just wondering how though
are you referring to the little squares under your member name? you have to have a certain amount of posts before you earn more little squares :)
Yay ! ! ! the cute little squares!!! :D:D:p ah well.. I understand now, thanks !!! (and I wasn't lying! HAPPY BIRTHDAY again :p:p
That reminds me I should add more pips. ;)
How come I went from 3 square thingies to 1? "Newest Member?" wth? (and it's "moved" in the "The Grudge" topic, not "oved")
We're making some changing to our Member Ranks, as you've noticed.
i've been demoted!!!! :cry: :cry:
(me and my big mouth!! :rolleyes: should've kept quiet :lol: )

so what's the new pip system?
Originally posted by cultclassic@Sep 26 2004, 03:54 PM
i've been demoted!!!! :cry: :cry:
(me and my big mouth!! :rolleyes: should've kept quiet :lol: )
But, everyone who made over 100 posts was in the same "group" as people who've made over 1000 posts -- not so much fun. And, we've been thinking of making the switch for awhile... this thread just reminded us to do it. ;)
Originally posted by cultclassic@Sep 26 2004, 03:54 PM

so what's the new pip system?
We're still fine-tuning it. I'll make a post when it's finalized. Basically we're just adding more pips (as you've probably noticed on some people) and adding more "titles."
Hey,wait a minute! I just posted no.101 and suddenly it's showing only 2 squares instead of 4 and is saying I'm junior when I'm advanced! Not fair!!
Yes,as I checked the new posts I realised things had changed.Oh,well! Guess I'd better start joining the General Discussions!!
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Here's the breakdown of the Member Title Ranks & Pips (little blue squares):

Title / Minimum # of Posts / # of Pips

New Member / 0 / 0

Rookie Member / 25 / 1

Junior Member / 100 / 2

Member / 300 / 3

Advanced Member / 500 / 4

Veteran Member / 750 / 5

Senior Member / 1000 / 6

All-Star / 3000 / 7

Pro / 5000 / 8

VIP / 7500 / 9

Addict / 10000 / 10

Once reaching 500 posts, you have the option to change your member title to a custom one.
reading this thread made me realise that it's fun to say "pip"....
what are those things? i've tried to look around to see if there was a FAQ section or something. .but I'm just gonna post my question here. .hope thats ooooooook