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This is a longshot, but I'm hoping just one person out there knows the answer. I've been looking for this song since October, I think.
This is an infomercial for Quality Car, featuring a short cut of a dvd showing off-roading trucks from www.desertsyndicate.com. I tried contacting them, but I think it's just a bunch of guys who don't konw what the hell I'm talking about. That desert syndicate film is playing a bad ass, fast tempo, alternative song. No vocals. About half way through a second guitar comes in and wails hard and it's like wwaaaaaaaa.
Anyway...to see this you have to get Los Angeles public stations, I think KXLA, and it airs every Saturday morning around 9:30. Thanks for reading this, since I don't think anybody can answer it.
Your post may have allowed me to help out if it had been up by 8:00 am :lol:
I'll try to remember to watch it next week. You just never know what someone might know.
I think it is also on Sunday mornings. You will know the infomercial if you see it. It shows a bunch of cute girls trying to sell lifted trucks. The desert syndicate music is always in the beginning of the "show". Look for it tomorrow between 9-11am.
I did try to record it today, but I missed it. I always forget. But recording it really won't help me to find the music.
Sure it will, goober. Play the music for us. That way you don't have to rely on locals only.
I'll look for it. I hope it's on before 10:00 because that's what time I'll be switching to FOX to watch some guys trade fender paint ;)
I'm wondering if you might know............is desert syndicate the name of an actual off-roading club or just something made up to help sell trucks?
What do you mean play the music for you? I have no mic or dvr. I need someone with that technology from the greater LA area. It's on KXLA, which is channel 44 on my TV without cable. I'm in Riverside, so I don't know what channel # that is in Los Angeles or Orange County; if it even is a different #. But I can assure you that it WILL be on Saturday morning @ 9:30am. I have seen it every Saturday for months. Also check on Sunday mornings. Thank you!
Well when you said recording it wouldn't help you find it, I was banking on the assumption that you had the capabilities to record it. You have a new computer, don't you? Do you not have a mic built into the moniter? Do you not have a tv in the same room?
I just looked outside and my truck is still there. Sooooo nothing has happened to it. Why do you ask?
My computer is new. But it's a POS and I need to take it in to get fixed. I haven't been using it for the past 4 or 5 days. Desert syndicate is an actual off-roading circuit I guess. It's not fake. You can go to www.desertsyndicate.com and check it out if you'd like to. Are you talking about my truck? Or his?
The music might be used in their video. But I don't want to spend $32 to find out.
Sure enough it was on again at 9:30am, and I recorded the music from that footage. Now I just need a mic. Anybody else see it? There's always next weekend.
Well I recorded a black screen with no sound. I'll be waiting for next weekend too.
Note to self: Hit input!
Wellllllll Helllllllllllll. DAMN Adelphia and their upgrades!!!!!!!! Ant races on every channel this AM. I not only missed your program L.B. but the 1st 100 or so laps of this mornings race, a good chunk of the middle of the Daytona 500 last week and a friend in Palmdale actually missed the second 1/2 of the Super Bowl. THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!! For cryin out loud I swear I'm goin DISH!!!!!
Anyway.......I don't know why I didn't think of it last night but I checked TV Guide online and I do get KXLA. Programing lists, To Be Announced, as their 24/7 lineup. pffft :angry: Buuuut I can set the old VCR for 9:30 next Sat & Sun AM.
Yeah I checked the KXLA website for their tv guide, but it's just an infomercial. I went to the Quality Car website too, but it's down right now. You should get up early and watch it, because it's pretty entertaining, for an infomercial...The desert syndicate footage with the music is only on for maybe 30 seconds in the beginning of the program; right after they talk about the loan line. Then it cuts to a big ass truck running over a Honda, and some cute girls trying to sell that truck. I bet nobody has nailed down the information for a commercial like this before!
Bwaaaaaahahahahahahaha!!!!! Get up early!!!! That's when I go to sleep. But I've set the VCR so I'll watch it.
I finally recorded the music this morning. Did you have luck with getting it, givemfitz?
Just got home. Checked VCR 1st thing and YEAH I got it but have to go right back out n run some errands after updating computer crap like posts, e-mails, IM away messages yada yada yada. I'm sure that 'll get a chance to listen by tonight.