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Holy Crap, I just saw this commercial with an awesome beat (or a least I think it's cool lol)
It's this Purolator... or Purylator commercial, I can't remember (I have like a 8 second memory) and what you see is that black guy carrying some boxes into this big building, like delivering those boxes, or more like packages to someone's office I think. In the beginning the beat (it's only this continueing beat ... no vocals or specific lyrics) kinda pops on and off, it's like .... delivery boy walks towards the building... beat goes... then turns off when he enters the building through one of those spinning door thingies... then it continues.. bla bla bla yes. I hope if anyone else has seen this commercial because the beat is hard to discribe ... it's a very basic beat but there's no vocals or anything in it. So yeah, help please, yes? lol
and is Purolator some type of shipping company? on the site I can also email them about "Media Queries"
The music seems to incorporate all the various external sounds in the commercial so I would suggest that it was made specifically for the ad.

View the commercial here (Commercial 1).
Thanks, that's the one
but couldn't it be that the song is edited to the sounds? so that the actual song is just normal, and not cut and what not?
Well I emailed them now. They said they'll let me know something after about 2 business days! I can't wait that long! :p
So, like I always ask, does anyone know a song that sounds similar to this one?
It's true, it was a song made for the commercial:

"Thank you for your e-mail. The songs from both
commercials are original compositions. Please let
me know if further assistance is required."