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Song sounds oddly familiar sure would like to know who does it. Can Anyone help?
I just saw part of a Pontiac Vibe commercial, with something about March madness....anyway the song I heard was "Boom" by POD.
Nah that's not it, the commercial had a curly headed girl that fronts a band. It almost sounds like Wayne Static from the band Static-X. If that helps any better?
Yes, I think I know the one you're talking about. It shows the guy and girl driving through the city to play their show. I just watched it, and there's no lyrics. So I'm guessing it's not a real song, but...try contacting Pontiac.
I contacted Pontiac through their website, and they said the information wasn't available. But they tried to push for a sale on the car in the ad. Sounds like the music was especially made for it.
Hey I was going to ask the same question about this commercial. I saw it yesterday. And I love music thats somewhere between rock and hip-hop. Is it decided this was a blurb made up for the commercial or is it an existing composition. Let Me Know :unsure:

Thanks for any and all help
I don't know which commercial you're talking about, remycool. The one this person wants is not near a hip hop mix at all. If I remember, it sounds like the Vines or the Hives. The POD song is the only one that could sound like a rock and hip hop mix.
nope not them unless its an instrumental its the commercial where the guy and girl are en route to the gig but there are no words and it leans closer to hiphop than pod usually displays in their music
I didn't say it was either one of those bands. I said it sounds more like something one of those bands would perform, rather then a hip hop/rock thing.