Pontiac G6: Fill-It-Up Event


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Hey has anyone seen this fairly new Pontiac G6 commercial advertising their Fill-It-Up event where this gas station guy puts this gas nozzle through the window of this lady's car and out pours all this spare change into her purse?

There's this REALLY awsome heavy guitar riff and then you hear these distant "ohhh-ohh-oh"s in the background. I have a hunch it's an actual song because the singer gets cut off on his first actual word. Poor Guy.

Any help would be really great. :D
Ok well heres some of their comercials the artist names apear at the bottom. Behold the power of google.

Go to the bottom where it says experiace our adds.

I'm looking for the song that plays during a G6 commercial that only shows the G6 going down the road. Its a guy singing or possibly a group of guys. I've only seen the commercial twice so I can't really give much more of a description. Thanks for any help. At the Pontiac.com site I didn't see anything about experience our ads.
No, the commercial I saw wasn't anywhere on the Pontiac site. It seemed to me that those artistic ads are more for the general promotion of the Pontiac G6, not for the Fill-It-Up event specifically. Thanks anyway though. :(