Pillsbury Possibilities Solved


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Solved this one before I could bring it to the board, thought I'd share.

Latest Pillsbury commercial features a happy-go-lucky doughboy playing with the latest... um cooking dough.

Anyway, cute upbeat song similar to "Big Spender" or "Kiss Me, Honey, Honey" it turns out to be...

"You've Got Possibilities" which I found to be from the Superman Broadway play - "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman!" from the 60's that, despite being a flop, was turned into a tv musical later on.

On broadway it was sung by Linda Lavin (TV's Alice) and on television was sung by Loretta Swit (Hotlips in the TV version of M.A.S.H.)

If I hadn't told you it was a superman song, you'd probably never guess. Apparently its sung by a villainess to Clark Kent in an attempt to seduce him (not knowing he's supes underneath) and was the one bright spot in the production. When Lavin performed it, she began to unbutton Clark's shirt as she sang it, almost revealing the big S underneath.

Although I've only heard the Pillsbury commercial once, to me its a perfect match to the broadway version by Linda Lavin.

You can download it online at this fansite:


Recently the song was covered by a singer named Peggy Lee who doesn't give it nearly the brass or strength Lavin gave it on the original.

My personal thought? I would love to hear Shirley Bassey sing it.
Thanks for posting. I thought my thread would die unanswered.
The link posted doesn't work for me. Does anyone else have a copy of this song? Its been stuck in my head since I first heard it last week.