Peugeot 307 "We've cut out the filth"


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Peugeot 307 "We've cut out the filth"

Hey 1st post...

Can anyone tell me the name of the tune they use in the Peugeot 306 advert? The ad has a randy couple driving suggestively and shooting passionate looks at each other before arriving at the peak of a coastal cliff. Once they get out they realise its actually really cold outside and the bloke asks, "Fancy a cup of tea?" to which the relieved woman replies "Oh yeah!". A clean cut English accent voice-over then says something like, "The new Peugeot 306, we've cut out the filth."

What I want to know is the name of the track they use in the first half of the ad. Its quite a chunky breaks affair with an old skool 80's hip-hop style synth playing an acending melody. There's no lyrics but there's some hi pitch female warbling over the top. Anyone know it? :huh:

Many thanks
The commercial is actually for the Peugeot 307.

The track used in the ad is called 'Hi, Bird' by STUDIO G's BEAT GROUP.
What's that advert about? I don't understand it?

I know that sounds dumb, but hey, that's me...