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    Peugeot 208 Interactive Experience

    Does anybody know what is the song from 4:20 to 4:31?! Thank youu!:)
  2. J

    Peugeot 407

    I'm hoping someone might have an idea what the music is for this ad... To see it in its native environment, go to...
  3. S

    Peugeot 307 "Invisible"

    Alright, this is a toughy. I've been looking all over the place for this song. There's this new peugeot 307 commercial and it's just really catchy: It's driving me mental. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me out. thanx
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    Peugeot 206

    It was a car commercial for Peugeot and i think the 206 model but im not particually sure. The ad wa in Australia around 2002 til 2004. I just remember the chorus. It was a rock song and they sounded like Third Eye Blind but its not Third Eye Blind. Heres a sample of the chorus " Di di di...
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    Peugeot 307

    does anybody know the name of that music that they use for the 307 advert as i carnt stop humming it
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    Hallo everyone, I am lookin' for a name of the song that I saw on tv ad about 2 yrs ago. t was prbably the ad about car, probably peugeot, but I don't remember well. n the ad there was a young son who was waiting for his dad come home. The song lyrics was: "No matter where... I'll fight / wait...
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    Peugeot 307

    Hi all Anyone know the title of the new Peugeot 307 commercial tune Many Thanks Chris
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    Peugeot 207

    I saw it just now during one of the breaks in the Argentina - German game. It had quite a heavy bassline and featured the Peugeot being filmed by 300 cameras (the catch line) and then finally the ad ends in 'Give them something to look at'. Thanks :)
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    Peugeot 407 coupe

    Does anyone know the song theme from the new commercial for Peugeot 407 coupe? You know it's the one with all the women in it. The song genre is I think classic. But maybe I am wrong.
  10. K

    Peugeot 307

    A while ago there was a car commercial with some indian music playing in the background. Anybody know what song?
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    Peugeot 1007

    hi. anybody know the music for the new peugeot 1007 ad showing in the UK? it sounds like The Beatles but im sure it isnt. cheers
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    Peugeot 307 "We've cut out the filth"

    Peugeot 307 "We've cut out the filth" Hey 1st post... Can anyone tell me the name of the tune they use in the Peugeot 306 advert? The ad has a randy couple driving suggestively and shooting passionate looks at each other before arriving at the peak of a coastal cliff. Once they get out they...
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    Peugeot 206 "Sculptor"

    Peugeot 206 "Sculptor" Hi all I was on vacation in Singapore during the summer, and I saw this TV commercial of a Renault/ Citroen car (I don't remember which). The salient points that I remember are: 1) Shot in India (or an indianized location in the UK) 2) Young Indian man sees Citroen/...
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    Peugeot 407

    can anyone tell me the name of the song in the new advert it's bugging the life out of me