Peugeot 1007



hi. anybody know the music for the new peugeot 1007 ad showing in the UK? it sounds like The Beatles but im sure it isnt. cheers
thanks sophist. youre a star. thats the tune alright. if youre still feeling helpful, check my post of 7/7/05. thanks again
Hello all. I'm a new lad. Hi.

Just wondering if any one of you people may be able to tell me what the song is on the Peugeot 1007 ad.

It goes like this...

A man comes out of his office, the lift is full. He is going to have to take the stairs. It then goes from live action to black and white style animation. The music changes from a wickedly weird bendy screech, to a "proper" song. It is this song I'm looking for. When he's on the street, it goes back to live action and the wickedly weird bendy screechy music, but his car is blocked in. So back to the animation where the car pops up from underneath the ground magically, and the song! the last animation is a fuzzball style monster pokes from behind the landscape of hills, and deftly swallows the sun. Hopefully this can inspire some grey matter to help me along.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Just saw an advert on a TV show discussing adverts. Commercial looked fairly recent. It starts off with a guy in plain clothes and jeans missing an elevator in his building and a guy in a suit in the elevator smiling that he missed it. It then turns into animation and black tenticles let him slide out the window and onto the street.

Next he's waiting in line for a newspaper or something and it switches to animation again and a giant spider scares off everyone in line.

Last, its going to ran and switches to animation again and he swirls the cloud with his finger and swallows it.

The only thing I know about the song is its a female voice singing the buildup to the chorus saying "Here It Comes." I know it was a popular UK song a few years back.

Any help is appreciated.