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hey all wats that tune with the kids being persecuted for d/ling music illegally yet they drink pepsi so everything is cool? whats the song that the play in the background? i plan on finding it and then drink some pepsi so i can d/l the music illegally, i meant legally.
"I fought the law" covered by Greenday. You can buy and download it off of iTunes.
Because it always irks me when someone likes a cover to a song that was originally written by someone else ( I always like to give the orginal due credit), I just have to add that the original version of "I fought the Law" was written by Sonny Curtis, a player in Buddy Holly's band The Crickets. A west Texan band called the Bobby Fuller Four (headed by Bobby Fuller) performed the most well known version of the song in 1965. :)
I'd argue that the Clash's cover was also very well known...
That ad was probably the crappiest out of all the ads on the super bowl.

Too self promoting.
Isn't that the point? They spent an awful lot of money NOT to promote themselves.
Hi, a while ago (6-8 months?) I saw a commercial for Pepsi advertising some sort of free music campaign, A.K.A. get a free song from your lid or something. The commercial showed many different 'hip' youth drinking pepsi. One I specifically remember was a girl sitting in front of a computer, and the ad mentioned legal donwloads.

The song was rock, probably from after the year 2000. It was pretty upbeat. It was a male singer, and it sounded kind of like Green Day (it might be.) Unfortunately I couldn't make out any lyrics, so I can't just search for it on a lyrics service. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I think that link is the one you're looking for. I remember the commercial. Green Day - I fought the Law