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Okay, it's a commercial for either a car or an energy drink or shoes or something to do with sports. i honestly don't remember. i do remember that an artsy filter is used and the background is mostly black like you see in lots of sports commercials. The music for it is (I believe) an opera song.. it's very well known, but I really just can't think of the name.. but I absolutely need to know what it is! Its an opera song so well known that I knew the words and openly sang them, but could not come up with the name. If you have any remote idea as to what commercial I'm talking about, please help. It's driving me insane!

(the commercial is currently aired on ESPN and other football broadcasting stations. the time of year is mid November if you're reading this far into the future.)
well...there are a lot of sports commercials out there...but given you saying it's an opera song everyone would know, is it either

O Fortuna by Carmina Burana

or maybe (know it's not opera)

Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell


I'll keep my eye out for the commercial though.
Nope, neither of those. If I remember correctly, the opera singing was toward the very end of the commercial and it was in english.

Thanks for the effort though, really appreciate it!
This is probably not it, but there's the 2012 Acura commercial. It matches on everything you say, except the important part: it doesn't have opera music, it just has a cello, and I have no idea what the music is.
Jasabra, that's not it unfortunately, but it's similar stylistically.
The one in that commercial is a unique take on Bach's most famous cello piece.
Random guess: Delibe's "Flower Duet"?

Do you know if the opera song is generally sung by a male or female? Both? Choir?