Parrot Bay by Captain Morgan


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I find it amusing I like the song in this commercial...but I really like the song.
It sounds as if the person is singing in Portuguese. I am thinking this song was made specific for the ad... but you never know. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Parrot Bay!!!!!!!!!!!! Brings back memories...sigh.

Edit: P.S. I don't know the song.
While I haven't seen this commercial recently, I thnk that I know the one you are talking about. The song is "The Girl from Imponema" performed by Antonio Carlos Jobim. You can find his stuff in Latin and of Jazz sections. Yes, the language is portugese.
nah man, wrong song...this is kind of like a techno song.
Yeah, I know that song "the girl..." love it. But as Ace said. Its not it. It starts out slow.. and then speeds up with the girl singing over a faster track (la, la lalalala) I wrote to the cap'n morgan people. If they tell me anything good, I will keep on posting. Thanks though for replying. :D)
Haven't seen the ad, but I'm taking a guess that it's Sabassim by DJ Patife.
I just saw this ad - it's not Sambassim as I suggested (but that's a good song!). The only lyrics I heard in this song were "la la la" so not necessarily Portuguese.
heh- Sorry, I mentioned Portuguese until I was able to make out the unforgettable lyrics, "la, la, la" the fourth or fifth time seeing the commercial.
now it is stuck in my head. :p
i jus sent the Company guys an e-mail? i'm waiting for response :)
Bump! I'm a deep house DJ and I am DYING for an ID for this track. Anybody who knows it pleeeeeease post!
The Parrot Bay commercials seem to be relatively new. Ive seen 2 different ones. Which one are you talking about? Is it the same song in all of them?
To answer your question. Yes it is the same song, It just starts at a different point in the song.
One commercial has the parrot bay logo appearing on the ceiling, with the beginning notes of song in question, and the song kicks up when party or fruits or whatever comes out of the ceiling.
I believe the other commercial its in the middle of the song.
I have been scouring new dance charts (mostly European), asking dj's, even visited the ad company who may have done the ad (Gray Canada) in vain looking for this song.
The thing that bugs me is that I felt I had heard the song the first time I saw the commercial, which makes me lean towards the idea that it is indeed a regular song. Not something made 'specially for the commercial.
sorry, long answer, at work ;)
I've only seen the ad once (on Comedy Central I think). Maybe it's "It Just won't do" by Tim Deluxe?
I saw the second one tonight. Same track in both. I have a feeling this one is direct from Brasil but I don't know it even though I try to keep up with anything samba-like. I'm looking through Brasilian dance charts.
Originally posted by djflowerz@Jul 14 2004, 07:09 PM
I've only seen the ad once (on Comedy Central I think). Maybe it's "It Just won't do" by Tim Deluxe?
sounds very similar to it, but its not it. I'm still waiting to hear from their ad division, keep looking.
Yea, No. Like Ace said, its not "Just won't do" I keep thinking that somewhere its like a new dance track. I fell across a couple other forums in which people are looking for the song. In my quest though, have come across a slew of new music.

I will keep searching. Been checking out the charts as well in Brasil. Driving me nuts though.
so is it by tim de luxe? cause if got his cd and the song but ive never seen the commercial