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Does anyone know the background music in the new Pantene Pro-V commercial? It's an upbeat tune and has a female singer saying "...(something) baby....(something) baby". The "pitch" woman speaks over what the singer is singing prior to the "baby" and I've watched it over and over, but can't make out what she is singing. A challenge, I know, but any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks. I listened REALLY, REALLY carefully. It's "I hear you, baby". Maybe I've answered my own
I just saw it on MTV and it's "I See You Baby"by Groove Armada. Fatboy Slim remix I think. But according to the commercial I saw they're advertising a website.

Is that the one?
Yup, that's it! Many thanks, it was driving me bonkers.
Does any know the name and who sings this song it from the pantin pro v

"i see you baby shaking that thing shaking that thing"
I've just come back from the UK and one of the current ads is for the Renault Megane(weird looking rear) and they use the same song.Might not be the same performer,(Groove Armada "I See You Baby" -a Fatboy Slim remix)but anyway,here it is (great website too,for future reference,unless you all know about it already!)
You're actually looking for Pantene Pro V.

The song is, like mentioned, Groove Armada's "I See You Baby" -- but it's the clean/radio edit of the song... Which I haven't been able to find on an album yet. The clean/radio edit replaces the original song which uses the word "ass" with "thing" (which is heard during the ad).
Could it be "I See You Baby" by Groove Armada? You can hear an audio clip here.
Does anyone know the song in the new Pantene commercial, it is also the song from the new Real World commercial, it goes... I see you baby, shaking that thing
I saw the commercial sometime between december and february. Part of the song lyrics are: "I see you baby!... I see you baby!" its kinda catchy, i think i've heard before in another commercial. any ideas?
i have downloaded the song 'i see you baby' by groove amanda (fat boy slim remix), and no i can assure everyone, it is not the jingle from the commercial, i have the jingle right now playing in my head, and that particular song is not the one used by the pantene pro advertiser.

ill even describe the commericial if it helps anyone, its a dark haired girl aboarding a flight, ties her hair up, after sleeping, waking up, she lets her hair down, and it shows how nice it still is from all the flying.

the tune is very catchy, yes it is a woman's voice, with a good drum beat in the back ground. anyway, thats about as good as i can get with my description. but, once again, i can assure everyone it is not the song 'i see you baby' by groove amanda, i just played it, and it definitely is not the one. sigh, oh well, ill be haunted by this, and yes i have emailed pantene pro from their website, and as yet, no response lol. oh well, might email again.