1. C

    Pantene Foam Conditioner

    Hello, Anyone here know the artist/song used in this tv ad??? Song has a techno feel to it. LINK: Thanx in Advance......
  2. I

    Pantene Advert National Geographics

    Hi People, I've been searching for a song. It's the background music from the Pantene Advert on National Geographics (South Africa). To be more descriptive, the vocalist is a female and the lady in the advertisement appears to be a model. Please help me out. I'm dying to get the name of the...
  3. E

    Pantene early 2000's

    Hi, I'm searching for a tune that was in a Pantene (i think Pro V) commercial in the early 2000's. The commercial had a very dark background to it and the music was slow and electronic (I don't think it had vocals). At the time I emailed the company to ask about the track and the artist but...
  4. jca

    Pantene "Labels Against Women"

    Does anyone know who is doing this cover of "Mad World" (originally by Tears for Fears) in this Pantene #Whipit Campaign commercial?
  5. B

    Pantene Nature Fusion Eva Mendes

    Looking for music in new Pantene commercial with Eva Mendes. It is the newest one - talks about the bottle being 100% recyclable or something like that.
  6. H

    Pantene Pro-V Turkey

    Hi. i want song name of Pantene Pro V pub in Turkey. its a French song i really love it. pls help. :rolleyes:
  7. T

    Pantene Pro

    ok i am about as frustrated as i can get, after logging into so many forums, sending umpteen emails to the company and its advertising agency, and not getting any proper response or basically none at all, having my emails re directed to other departments, and still no response, this commercial...
  8. M

    Pantene commercial

    Hey, I've been seeing a Pantene commercial that has been out since at least November of 2005 and is still playing here in Canada. The video mainly shows a girl getting ready for a date, and her date picks her up near the end of the video. I'm positive that the song isn't Hayling, Doo Uap, Doo...
  9. M

    Australian Pantene Expressions Ad.

    Can you ID this tune? At the moment in my country (Australia) there is an ad for a shampoo product called "Expressions". The brand is "Pantene". Now, this ad, which probably isn't going to be showing for much longer, just happens to contain a really kick ass track which I am dying to know the...
  10. R

    Pantene Pro V Winter Rescue

    Just as the holidays started for Christmas, Pantene started playing a commercial about their winter rescue shampoo. In the commercial the song they use is I believe, Let it Snow, done in a electronic music type. Anyone know who performs it? The link below will lead you to the commecial- You can...
  11. F

    Pantene Expressions

    I know of the other commercial that uses "Hayling", but this is a different commercial. One of the lyrics I could make out was "beautiful".... And the commercial is about the 3 different shampoos for reds, brunettes, and blondes. I'm pretty sure it's not "HAyling". Help please? Thanks in...
  12. D

    Pantene Pro-V Expressions

    There's this really cool orchestral music in a Pantine Pro-V commercial I saw during the holidays (and it ran for quite a while after that), which I can't find what it's called. The thing advertises some formula that keeps your hair shiny in winter, and there's this awsome symphony music in the...
  13. jca

    Pantene Expressions

    Wind-blown blonde, redhead, and brunette hair on flawless models sets the mood for Pantene Pro-V's Expressions TV ads, which is backed by FC Kahuna's down tempo song "Hayling" (iTunes) featuring vocals by Icelander Hafdís Huld. Even more flawless than the duo's acid-house track is the "Hayling"...
  14. erin

    Pantene Pro-V Expressions

    Does anyone know the song used in the latest Pantene commercial? It sounds so familiar - I know it's off a Hed Kandi compliation, possibly a Winter Chill? Any help would be appreicated. Thanks! -Erin
  15. R

    Pantene Pro-V

    Does anyone know the background music in the new Pantene Pro-V commercial? It's an upbeat tune and has a female singer saying "...(something) baby....(something) baby". The "pitch" woman speaks over what the singer is singing prior to the "baby" and I've watched it over and over, but can't make...