Pantene commercial with Maria Menounos


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I have seen a lot of posts online about Pantene commercial songs, but none has an answer for the latest one with Maria Menounos in it. The music in the ad has a very celtic kinda feel to it, at the end of ad the singer sounds just like Enya. Its the latest ad, showing currently. Its Maria Menounos in a plush room, with a guy in a beige suit and she has a dark colored dress on.
This music has actually been used in previous pantene ads. It very soothing and almost hypnotic.
CORRECTION: I saw the ad again recently and maria actually wears a white halter neck dress not as I stated in my oriiginal post.
yes, that's the commercial, I want to know the name of that song as well!!
Yes!yes! That's the ad! Could someone please tell me what the name of that song is? I can't believe all the members of adtunes and youtube combined can't find the name of this song. :(

I wanna know the name of the old Pantene Commercial tune, it goes something like "They say the next big thing is here, that the revolution's near.."

Anybody know?
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Is this Pantene commercial with Maria Menounous?
Is this it?

Yes, I've been looking for that song in ages. I first heard it in a Pantene 2005 ad. "Radiate Glow Shimmer" was the slogan, I believe. And they also played the song on their site a while back.