pampers noah's ark type diaper commercial


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i've heard the song before a couple of times, but i've never been able to find out the name of it. i can't seem to re-hum it for anyone either.. but i'm sure if u remember the commercial it was it, then it should help. please, it was the pamper's diaper commercial where the kid was in a noah's ark type of thing with a bunch of stuffed animals. i really want to know what that theme was. a lot of thanks and grattitude to anyone who can help me out here.
well, it was more of a classical song. it sounded like something they would use in a harry potter trailer or something. dunno if that's a good description tho.
i think I found it. You can view the Pampers commercial:pooping in the Wild(lol)by clicking HERE,well only if you're an adcritic member which sucks!!!

The song is called I'll Always Love My Mama by The Intruders which you can hear an audio sample HERE. It's track #1.

This commercial was aired as a Mother's Day ad which is probably the one you saw.