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Someone told me it was from this show, and it seems familiar. Its chorus has Something like this: "Light up, light up, as if you have a choice, even if you cannot hear my voice, I'll be right beside you dear..." Or something like that. Anybody know what song this is, I love it.
What was the closing song on yesterday's (11/09) One Tree Hill?
hey..does anyone know the song playing on one tree hill while mouth and brooke are dancing at winter formal? it was this weeks episode. 11/16
anyone know who did and/or what was the song played while Haley's sister was getting undressed in front of Nathan? chocolate girl or something? I've heard it before...
sorry for the late post...I tape shows so I'm always a week or 2 behind...
I'm not sure which episode you are referring to? I don't remember which one that scene ocurred in. And the songs are listed by episode name, not by date.

At any rate here are the songs listed on the wb site for One Tree Hill for the past three episodes.

Here are the songs:

The Hero Dies In This One (Aired Feb 8?)
"Broken" by Dalton Grant,
"Trapped In" by Division of Laura Lee, Black City
"Lost My Way" by Face,
"Want You to Come Over" by Jim McGorman,
"She Has No Time" by Keane, Hopes And Fears
"Alright" by Pilate, Caught By The Window
"The Good Kind" by The Wreckers, Music From The WB Television Series One Tree Hill
"When It Comes" by Tyler Hilton, The Tracks Of

Between Order and Randomness (Aired Feb 1?)
"Wreck Of The Day" by Anna Nalick, Wreck Of The Day
"Begin" by Ben Lee, Awake Is The New Sleep
"No Right Angles" by Ben Lee, Awake is the New Sleep
"What Cha Gonna Do" by High City Miles,
"Clear My Head" by Ivy, In The Clear
"Finding Out True Love is Blind" by Louis XIV, Illegal Tender
"South" by Mark Geary, 33 1/3 Grand Street
"Be Mine" by Tim Cullen,
"Glad (acoustic)" by Tyler Hilton, Music From The WB Television Series One Tree Hill

The Heart Brings You Back (Aired Jan 23?)
"Gather The Horses" by Charlie Mars, Charlie Mars
"One Against the Sun" by D'Lovely, Life in Color
"I Don't Want to Be" by Gavin DeGraw, Chariot
"Skyline Drive" by Mae, Destination:Beautiful
"Return to Me" by Matthew Ryan, Regret Over the Wires
"Sit Still" by Public,
"Overdue" by The Get Up Kids, Music From The WB Television Series One Tree Hill

Hope that helps!
does anyone know the slow song they played during the last segment of the show? i could only hear "and now that you're gone..." thanks!
Is it
Michael Jackson - Love Is Here And Now You're Gone
on the wb music site they have "now that you're gone" by ryan adams listed so that's probably the song you're looking for?
Hi, does anyone know what the music in this episode is..? Especially the last song when we find out, that Coach Durham has Jenny..? Nothing on Tv Tome yet... Thanx
I didn't watch the whole episode, but these 2 songs were in it for sure.

"New Light Of Tomorrow" by Husky Rescue
"Who's To Say" by Vanessa Carlton
what is the song playn while they are in the hospital at the end
i was wondering what song was playing on one tree hill by citizen pope? and its not "sideways" i already checked.
You've probably already found the answer to this but just in case you haven't it looks like it's Damien Jurado's Abilene. You can also find it on iTunes.
on this week's episode, a song was played by the band better than ezra, but i don't know the name of it...could u help me out?

lyrics: "i fell in too deep but i learned to swim"

hope that helps!