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Hi !

This is a long shot but I was wondering if might remember this from years ago.

Back on Australian television years ago (15+ years), they used to run a commercial that had a song/tune that I'm trying to find the name of.

I believe from memory it was a Christian or commercial about "God" or "life".

There are a few words/lines in the song I remember but they may not be that accurate. Some words/lines..

"why the mountain why the trees"
"why's the sky so high, high up in the sky"
"like a tree, like a person just like me"

and it ended with..

"who is me".

I believe they had pictures of a baby in a cot, a surfer running from the water.

That's the extent of my memory.

Does this ring a bell for anyone or would anyone know this at all ?

Thanks, :)
Hullo, yes. I vaguely remember it, went something like:

How come theres a sun?
Why's a flower, why's a bee?

Why are clouds so high?
How come they're in the sky?

Why's a tree?
Why's a person just like me?

Who is me?

But I don't remember the ad itself. There are other snippets of ads I remember in this category for which I'm also trying to see if anyone remembers, like I think there was a good samaritan ad "Do you need a ha-a-and, do you need a ha-a-and, be the first to say that you need a hand" and good old "Hello my God, this is me singing" and I think that ad had a boy sitting at a rainy window.

Any help remembering more of these would be appreciated.