Old, Old, Old Marines Commercial Music!


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Hi there!

I just recently found this site and it's already helped me find answers for a ton of music questions I've had for years! Thank you!!!

Here's one that I couldn't find an answer to using the site's search though... Hopefully someone here can help out!

It's a commercial for the Marines from the early 90's (possibly even earlier). Lightning booms overhead and very epic sounding music plays (like something you'd hear during a battle in Lord of the Rings). The music has lyrics (almost more like chanting), but you can't really understand them. The commercial depicts a real-life game of Battle Chess. Real people dressed in medieval outfits would move and strike an enemy piece... the defeated piece would then vanish off the board. At the end, one warrior confronts the King (the White King I believe) and the King bows his head, defeated. Lightning strikes the warrior's sword, transforming him into a Marine in full dress uniform. Then a voice over says. "Maybe you can be one of us. The few. The proud. The Marines."

This commercial has been in my head for years now and I've never heard the music anywhere else. Hopefully it's not another "exclusive" piece just for the armed forces. What is this awesome music?!

Thanks for any help on this one!

Yeah, help us both out! I happen to be just another 'child of the 80's', and wondered for years what that song is.
I vaguely remember that one. I can't swear to it but try the movements Dies Irae, Introitus, Kyrie, Confutatis and Rex Tremendae from Mozarts Requiem in D minor. In fact try the whole Mass because it's definately the kind of music you're talking about but the ones I've mentioned would be the most likely suspects if it even is Mozart. :unsure:
Maybe I am dreaming, but if I'm not, and I did see that commercial years ago, then it's the Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. It starts off slow with chanting, and builds to a crescendo of voice, cymbals, tympani (?) and strings.

or maybe I'm way off.
Wow, thanks for all the suggestions guys, but I've checked 'em out and it's not any of those. :( "Carmina Burana" was suggested to me by someone else as well... I remember hearing that music in a *different* Marines commercial, but not the one I'm talking about. Still, I greatly appreciate everyone's help here. The search continues...

I remember this commercial vividly; I really liked it.

Anyway, the music is apparently an original composition, heavily influenced by Carmina Burana, but specifically made for this commercial. Don't know more than that, sorry. It's nice to know this ad got stuck in other people's heads, too.
I just joined to see if anyone might know the music for this commercial. Nice to see that others appreciate the music. Disapppointing that it is appears to be original and not available. Of course, if we knew who wrote it, we might be able to get a copy...