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One for the classical music experts.

Can anyone please identify the piece played in the trailer for the Korean movie 'Old Boy'?

Incidentally, this is an excellent movie. Well deserved winner of the Grand Prix du Jury at this year's Cannes film festival.
Thanks, win24. Actually I already have a copy on order.

There is a track on the soundtrack album called 'The Last Waltz' which might be the one, but I'm pretty sure the music in the trailer was not used in the movie itself.

I will let you know....
It is indeed on the soundtrack. It's a piece entitled 'Cries and Whispers'.

I would tell you the name of the composer but I'm afraid I don't read Korean!
It's a track entitled 'Look Who's Talking' from the original movie soundtrack.

No idea about the first one, I'm afraid.
The second track is from the soundtrack of the movie and is entitled 'Look Who's Talking'.

It is available on the soundtrack album.

No idea about the first piece.
I have the soundtrack. The second piece is "Look Who's Talking" from the soundtrack, and it;s absolutely great music.

However, I can't seem to find the music from the first half of the trailer. It's also excellent music, but not on the soundtrack.

Any help appreciated.