Unknown Trailer ...


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Hello Guys . :)
this time i'm looking for a trailer .
Many years ago (2002) I saw a mix of action scenes film trailer.
it was a Very beautiful epic choir song on the trailer that I could never hear it again.
for twelve years, I am looking for the song.
I just need to find the trailer. And do not even know what scenes was used in the trailer.
Sorry but this is the only thing I remember . action scenes ...
please help me ... this is my last chance . I do not know what else I can do to find this mysterious song .:(
A few days ago I saw a trailer like that . For a company selling CD and DVD movies. Perhaps my trailer is connected to such a thing ? i don't really know ...
As I said before. The trailer was a mixture of action scenes. :(
The only thing I remember from that action scenes. Blond woman with the head behind the Sniper rifles camera .
Does anyone know what movie have this scene from 2002 and before that ?
only if i knew that ... that's a big help for me . :)