Old 90's Club Hit


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Does anyone remember that old 90's club/dance track that had the lyrics: cause you suck! get a job...?

Its not on a commercial but I cannot remember who performed that track at all or the name of it. I saw it on a televesion trailer for a movie about a year ago though.
remember anything else about the song?
It was sung by a girl group. It had a similar rhytmic beat like Prince's P*ssy Control.
I think it was also used in the background in the movie called Lionheart with Christian Slater.
I was wrong about the movie title. It was Untamed Heart. It came out in 92 or 93.
I'm a moron its not even in that movie. That song in UntamedHeart was Bad Bad Boys. Wrong song.

I heard this song all the time in clubs in the 90's. It had a chorus of girls saying Thats right you suck or cause you suck - something liek that. Everyone seemed to know it whenevr it was played.