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Hey everyone

I just recently saw this commercial at the theatre (they were showing the 2004 world's best commercials as featured fron the Clio Awards). It's for Now Weekly Magazine and the commercial title is Messages. I've been looking for the song playing everywhere but I can't find it. I've heard the song before but not in other ads. =( The commercial involves this guy follow a set of messages left for him in various places. The messages are torn from the classified section of a newspaper. It's a pretty cool ad...there's this one part where he gets a message "Don't Panic" and then someone pushes him into the open door of a passing van. If someone has seen this ad and knows what song I'm talking about, please get back to me. Thanks.
Found this info.
2004 Clio Awards TV Winners
Award: Bronze

Category: Media Promotion
Advertiser/Product: Now Weekly Magazine
Title: Messages
Advertising Agency: Hasan & Partners, Helsinki
Production Company: Acne Films, Stockholm
Editing Company: STO.PP, Stockholm
Agency Producer: Mary Lee Sjonell
Account Executive: Panu Nordlund
Creative Director: Timo Everi
Copywriter: Antti Einio
Art Director: Juha Larsson
Producer: David Olsson
Director: Max Vitali
Cinematographer: Eric Broms
Editor: Max Vitali

Usually they say who did the music or composed it,but for this one...

Found more:
"Hasan & Partners is Finland's second largest agency and known to be one of the most creative in the Nordic countries. The agency has handled several launches of Swedish companies in the Finnish market, for example Ikea, Arla and Scandic hotels. They have also won a great number of international advertising awards, for example the latest Grand Prix in Guldsvan, the Nordic Advertising Film Festival for "Boxer"-film for Telia's mobile phone service.

For further information, please contact:

Henrik Kylander, Hasan & Partners, Account Director, tel. +358 41-444 0390.


You could maybe e-mail this guy and ask him.
Here too.
Good luck!