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I don't even know if this commercial is on TV but I saw it online.... and I was wondering if anyone knows what the song is? The only lyrics I could pick out were "I think I'm gonna call her" and "You make me feel good" or something like that. I tried a lyric search but couldn't find anything.. anybody??
I can't find anything on lyric searches either... Makes me think the song was done just for the ad. Something about it just has that feel to it, if that makes any sense... :unsure:

Have you tried contacting Nokia customer service and asking if they have info on the song or ad agency that did the spot?
Hey folks,

I heard and saw this video on this current Nokia commercial.

However, I have totally forgotten who it is and what song it is. :blink:

Can someone help?

Thanks. :)
The commercial starts off with a bunch of bored people in a room and then this song starts playing and its coming from the cell phone and then it shows everyone grouped at the table around the cell phone. I really wanted to know if anyone knew what song played from the cell phone, so if anyone can help me out i'd appreciate it! :D
I think the ad's for the Nokia 3220...(but the ad you guys spoke about in a different thread is not the same ad)...

the ad opens with flashing lights, which turn out to be the phone and then the whole ad is basically the phone suspended in mid-air with hundreds of cases revolving around it and randomly swapping on and off the phone...
the music's this trippy little elctronica/techno (?) number....

anybody know it?

it might not be the 3220 but it's definitely nokia....i think....

I too want to know this one

Though im not sure if SiDe is reffering to same version

Coz i've seen 2 versions of THIS ad (the one with mobile/covers swapping with beats)

One with the techno beats is composed by syndermusic and can be seen Here ..

One with the Polyphonic tune and bass beats (and the one i want to know) can be downloaded Here (right click save target as)

so anyone knows who composed it ? :)
Originally posted by SiDe@Dec 19 2004, 09:17 AM
can nobody help me?

Try this ;)

Artist : Bjorn Svin
Title : Mer Strom volume 2
From : Album "Mer Strom" (1997)
thr0b is right .. the song im after is "Mer strøm" by Bjørn Svin

The ad is made by a danish company called "Ghost"

michelle u can tick this one :)
Hi guys,

Does anyone know who the artist is that does the music on the add for new nokia 3220?

its a cheezy sort of dance track, but very catchy.

any help would be great,

thanks heaps,

Dj Asylum.