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    Nokia Smart Camera "Change Faces"

    My first post here! Tried Googling the lyrics, but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. D

    Nokia Lumia 710

    Seems like a catchy tune - no lyrics though. Might just be ad music.
  3. M

    Nokia N8

    i believe the song in this spot is a remake...does anyone know who is singing this song and if it's available?
  4. S

    Nokia N95 8GB

    anybody know the name of this song?
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    Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905

    Anyone have a lead on the song used in the new Nokia BH-905 headset commercial? Thanks. This site is a great idea by the way! :)
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    Nokia L'Amour Collection

    what's that tune? It's dope. :P
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    Nokia 6102

    Does anyone know the song from the new Nokia 6102 commercial? The commercial is animated. It's not the same as the N-Series ad that had Moby in it. Anyone?
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    Nokia 6260

    Hi, does anyone know the music on the Nokia 6260 ad? the ad shows the flip phone from all weird zoomed angles with a little girl and her father. It starts with her jumping on the couch but it looks like she is jumping on the phone coz of the zoom. cheers dk
  9. C


    It's a commercial for a nokia phone that records. There's a lot of weird things goin on and a director that calls "Action". The song starts with backwards sounds.
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    Nokia 3220

    I don't even know if this commercial is on TV but I saw it online.... and I was wondering if anyone knows what the song is? The only lyrics I could pick out were "I think I'm gonna call her" and "You make me feel good" or something like that. I tried a lyric search but couldn't find anything...