Nokia L'Amour Collection

i also want to know what this song is. please!!!!
i beg you.
it features female vocals, decidedly electronica infused.

if anyone doesn't know, what do i do to find out what it is? contact nokia people? what email address? pleasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

/me slits wrist
Another site says in here that the Artist an song is Imogen Heap - Imogen Heap

but I don't think so :( anyone Know who it is? cuz I LOVE this Song
This song is composed by a band called "Sigur Ros". They're from Iceland hence not being able to understand what's being sung. It was only composed for the advert but it shouldn't be long before it pops up somewhere on the net. It's actually a guy thats singing. Hard to belive but true. I love this band and they are definetly worth checking out if you like the song in the advert.

Let me know if this answers your question
After giving some more listens it does feature Imogen Heap (the part where the second vocal comes in) . I have a feeling this could be a completely new collaboration of "Sigur Ros" and "Frou Frou" (who Imogen Heap sings for). I know the management company of Imogen Heap so I'll give them a tinkle.

This song is sick and I gotta get it.
..well it says in the end "L'Amore collection" or sth like that.
the commercial itself is about how umm, well, there's all kinda colors flying in the air..and people around are watching in surprise, how a painting from those colors appears on the wall.. <_<

im not sure, but the girl in the "song" says a phrase 'another day'. other than that - a totally incoherent words, if its in english, that is..
anyway -

does anybody knows what im talking about? what is that song?
Ummmm..hi there. im brilliantly new to this forum so xcuse my behaviour if it seems irrational. I WANT THAT SONG GODDAMIT! It blew my brains out when i heard it but i just cant seem to get it. Plz plz plz plz if anyone knows how or where to get it TELL ME! I'l pray to god every day for 1 month for ur salvation! :lol:

Seriously, i really need to get my hadns on it. Its driving me nuts not to have it.
Does anyone know the track used on this add? or if someone could link me to a thread with the answer.


The song is "World of Flowers" - composed and performed by DjSayem of Paris
He's produced and edited "Pour ouvrir une parenthèse".

DjSayem of Paris
I JUST GOT IT ITS ARAMAIS-Nokia L'Amour Collection

1000000000000000000000% Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Hearing it!!!!!too bad its Short 1 Minute
logical .. the music was just composed for the ad .. so ... it makes the time of the ad :rolleyes:
The track is made by Dj.Sayem.
He also made music for the advertizing 2007 Rugby World Cup.
So there's like three different answers for this:
Iomegan Heap

What's the name of this song, the name of the artist and where can I get it?