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Hello. I'm trying to find out the business or product that this one commercial advertised. Some friends of mine and I remember the very last part of it: a woman singing VERY highly (Mariah Carey high), something like "O o O o O ooo...!" That's pretty much all the information I can give. Several of us recognized this tune, but none of us can think of what the commercial was for. Two suggestions were a fast food restaurant and an online company. I have no idea. Can anyone help?...
I don't know if this will help but in the movie The Fifth Element there is a piece at the end of the Diva opera performance of "Il Dolce Suono" from "Lucia di Lammermoor." I think it's called "The Diva Dance." Anyway it sounds like the piece of music you're talking about. It was all performed by Inva Mula Cako.
Was this a recent ad? If not then how old is it? If it is an old one could the ad have been for the movie?