Nissan Sentra water balloons


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whats the song called on the nissan sentra commercial with the guys throwing the water ballons at the other guy standing at the trash cans.

If it helps any the song is a guy seeing opera
Sorry Finchy just to be pedantic in the commercial its sung by Jussi Bjorling and not Pavarotti.
There's somewhat recent commercial for the sentra being played where a bunch of guys drive up and pelt a guy with water balloons. Anyone know the song? It sounds like it's in Italian and somewhat opera-ish. Thanks.
I just saw this commercial a few days ago and it is a guy looking over a garbage can like he is hideing then a car pulls up behind him and these other guys start throwing water balloons at him and while he is getting hit he is squirming and stuff, its all in slow motion and it sounds like an Italian guy singing like opera style music. If anyone could link me to a website so i can watch over because it was hilarious. I didnt catch the car company because i was laughing so much. Thanx
It's a Nissan Sentra commercial. The piece is "Vesti La Giubba" from the opera
"I Pagliacci"
So there was a commercial about a month ago for a car. It featured a guy with water balloons, and his friends getting out of his car and just pelting him with water balloons. In the background was some opera music. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Help!!
has anyone seen the nissan sentra commercial where it looks like a mafia hit is going on only they are using water balloons? does anyone know what italian tenor is singing the song on the commercial? i would appreciate the help. thank you
i wish i knew who the singer is. i've found the song by many different singers but none of them sound as good as that commercial does. ANYONE???
have you tried writing Nissan and asking them if they know or know the agency who did the spot?
I am searching for a opera song that appears in a Volkswagen commercial that features the main actor being pelted with water balloons. Thank you very much
any help you might be able to provide.
so the last time i saw this commercial was couple years ago but i think its pretty memorable. its some black sudan pullling up with guys inside and they get out in slow motion with this oprah song and throw water ballons at this other guy. its all done in a mafioso kind of a way. ive been dying to find this song for so long can someone please help