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I'd like to know the name of the song that played with the japanese Nissan Fairlady Z commercial that aired around October of last year (2003). I have scoured the internet, but have found nothing. The only lyric line I can remember is ' hidden because of you.'

Much thanks in advance to anybody who can help! :)
Well I can't help you find the song I'm afraid but I can help you find the ad so maybe someone else can identify the tune.....

Go to this page, select 'Gallery', then click on 'TV-CM'. Choose either of the first two commercials shown.
thats a pretty kewl song. prolly made for the commercial tho
Holy crap! That's it!!! Now I have to find the name of the song!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!
hey... if you find out what the song is, be sure to post back! ;)
Still unsuccessful. I'm convinced, though, that it is a real song. Nissan isn't known for making up their own music to go along with their car commercials... especially in Japan. I've been listening to it over and over again, and it seems to me that it almost sounds like something Moby would do. But I've found nothing like that on any of his records yet.

If anybody reading this recognizes the female's voice, please post here! I've been searching for this song for over a year now!
I'm bumping this in hopes that somebody out there has also seen the commercial and knows what song it is...
I found it!

Unfortunately it was composed exclusively for the ad. It was sung by JENNIFER PAIGE.

See this page (in Japanese).

It's the first commercial shown.


CM tune: Title Original tune
CM tune: Singer/performance person Jennifer Paige (vocalist of the American graduate)
CM tune:
Record company/CD number Because of the original, there is no CD.
Location area The American California state モハビ desert