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Hey could someone please tell me who did the song for the Nintendo DS commercial? Its the one where the kid misses his sub, then pulls it back; Gets laughed at in the showers, then shrinks the guys' you know whats; steps on dog crap, then throws it at the dog; and then finally controls an airplane with his finger and it gets caught. I would love to know who did the song, or a place where I can see the commercial. Ty.

Edit: Lol I can't believe no one can find it. I would find it myself but I see the commercial so rarely.
i Too am searching for this song. I've checked both the US and Canadian Nintendo sites and none of them seem to have it. I'm currently trying to find out which ad agency did it so I can maybe get it that way.
Originally posted by HungyHomer@Aug 3 2005, 09:58 PM
Ok if u are still looking for the song its Love Train by Big and Rich
....No it isnt.