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So I noticed this commercial not too long ago, and the song that was playing during the commercial interested me. If you want to see the commercial, go to and when you enter the site click on "02 Fuel" and then "TV Spots". Anyway, the song itself sound kind of old. Maybe 60s, though i could be wrong.

It's a female vocalist, and here are some of the lyrics:
"I knew it once (?)
I knew he needed me
Until the day I die
I'll wonder why (?)
I knew he needed me

It could be fantasy
He needs me (repeated over and over)"

Can anyone help me?
It's sung by Shelley Duvall in the live-action Popeye movie. Also, it recently appeared in Punch Drunk Love and is probably on the soundtrack. I believe it's titled "He Loves Me" or "He Needs Me."
I was wonderin if anyone knew what the music was in the commercial for nike when there is a guy teaching like a tennis class and all the girls are all looking dreamy eyed at him and then when they start playing tennis they all turn into serena williams?
Is the ad at Nike's site to view? And, can you describe the music?
No, I couldnt find it anywhere on Nikes website. If you have a membership to you can view it there because I saw it was #1 on they're top 20 list. The music is like a girl singing and it sounds like there are some string instruments and maybe a piano. More orchestral (if thats a word)

The Song is "He Needs Me"
The singer is Shelly Duvaul (dunno about the spelling) And it's from the 80's musical movie Popeye starring Robin Williams and Shelly Duvaul. No soundtracks are available at this time unfourtinatly. I absolutly love this movie and was surprised to see it revived for this commercial, exactally as it appears in the movie. Hope I helped!
Once I found out the name of the song i did some research on the web and found out it is on the "Punch-Drunk Love" soundtrack.
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You can find the song on the Punch Drunk Love Soundtrack here.