Nike "Move" Just Do It


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Nike "Move" Just Do It

Hey Guys I was wondering if anyone new who came up with the melody for that Nike commercial in which athletes are seen doing different sports and all the sports are linked together by certain actions (ex: a man abou to B.A.S.E jum of a clip / switches to a diver about top penetrate water surface/ switches to triathlon athlete running out of water and begining to run/ switches to woman running in neighbourhood stopping of air / switches to nike sign "just do it")

Hopefully you'll be able to understand the description ...thanx again though !
I'm also looking for that one. It includes of a guitar solo in the ending right?
Jonathan Elias Topic.

I was just talking about that very thing.
Strange coincidence.

You are indeed correct. And, as I said below, that music can actually be found here on his American River CD that came out last year. Along with a whole lot of other music that sounds a lot like it, including a Lexus commercial he did around the same time as the Nike ad.

Isn't it FABULOUS?!! :D
the olympics just reminded me of this awesome commercial.. anyone know where to find it?