Nike Finish Line Commercial


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What is that music (instrumental) in the background of the Finish Line Commercial in which the guy is training for a race? I know that it is a famous symphony. Please help me out.

If you have ever been on Spaceship Earth at Epcot, Walt Disney World FL, this may be familliar to you to.

I am telling you it is a really famous symphony
I believe he is referecing this commercial. Here is a press release on it:

The commercial, titled ''The Great Dance Off,'' takes place in a midwestern town where two guys compete in a videogame dance off. One boy is a seasoned pro and is the reigning champion. The other is an unexpected hero who uses his running talent, stamina and Monster Shox in an unlikely scenario -- the dance off. His "opponent" is a fictionalized world champion who travels to the small town for the contest. Ultimately, the runner comes out as the new champion because he got his Monster Shox at Finish Line.

The commercial will air on MTV, MTV 2, ESPN, BET, Comedy Central and Spike.
Yes, but that doesnt help me with what the background music is. I already know about the commercial
Well, I looked at Nike's site for "Monster Shox" and the ad isn't up there (sometime their ads are). Anyway, haven't seen the ad, so the description was helpful for me. No clue on the music. Have you found the ad online anywhere?
by any chance can you help me find the right version of this song on iTunes 4.5?
you're welcome :)

i have three or four CDs of the four seasons. next time i see the ad i'll try to match the version, although it is a long shot!
my favorite version is the one by Nigel Kennedy although his version was not used in the ad. his version is more raw and edgy.
You can find that cd

My post was simply to aide you in the process of finding the song. Your description was sketchy...I figured the press release would help the others on the board.